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Children are our future and worth investing in

Children are our future and worth investing in to promote a Safe, Caring, Non Hostile Learning Environment where children can mature successfully with dignity and respect. Fear free security. When schools open the door to communicate and cooperate with parents it is a win win for everyone. We are hoping our representatives helping parents through formal meeting process will pave the way for a brighter future ending student drop outs and suicides

I'm Bully Free will work for your family and be the anti bullying advocate


I’ m Bully Free is dedicated to the memory of Kandice Collier and all other children that have died as of the result of bullying.

She was bullied most of her life and was murdered on 26 Dec 2011. Her mother found her in her apartment and she had been stabbed over a 100 times. She did not fit in because she was white and Hispanic. In the year of 2010 she started running with gangs where she lived. This is happening all over the world. We need your help to stop this madness.


I’m Bully Free Will work to advocate for your child and family, bullying has to stop ✋ ✋ ✋ ✋

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